The London Schubert Players are delighted to represent the composers who participated in Invitation to Composers and to supply the scores and parts of the remarkable music they wrote for the project. At the end of a fascinating two-year journey, the European musical heritage has been enriched with over 30 works which have been successfully performed, broadcast and recorded on CD. The Players have pleasure in inviting new performers and audiences to hear and enjoy them.

Please click on the treble clef to see a writen sample of the music of each composer.


Quartet for Violin, Clarinet, Cello, Piano as in Messiaen’s Quatuor pour la fin du Temps

andaMarcus Blunt Britain
Two Serenades

andaRoberto Brisotto Italy
Evocations Rituelles

andaCarmen Maria Carneci Romania
Quatuor pour Marguerite

andaShai Cohen Israel
Games, Songs and Dances

andaMassimo Ferrini Italy
Ascoltando luci eterne

andaLorena Fontana/Daniele Garuti Italy
The Link

andaJonathan Ostlund Sweden
Lyric Sonatine

andaJohn Reeman Britain

andaSviatlana Rynkova Belarus
Three Allegories

andaBjorn Bolstad Skjelbred Norway

andaSalvador Torre Mexico
Clouds. Homage to Messiaen

Quintet for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass as in Schubert’s Piano Quintet Die Forelle
andaEberhard Eyser Sweden
The Nightingale was singing all night long


Concertante work for Solo Piano, Solo Violin and String Quintet as in Mendelssohn’s Double Concerto
andaAdina Dumitrescu Romania
J’ai trouvé les Histoires

andaJonathan Ostlund Sweden
The Outermost Gate

andaOndrej Sarek Czech Republic
Five Concertante Waltzes

andaNathan Shirley US
Annabel Lee

andaDrew Wilson Britain
Nocturne with Cloudscape


Septet for Piano, Trumpet and String Quintet as in Saint-Saëns’ Septet

andaIvan Božičević Croatia

andaUberto Pieroni Italy
Foglie d’Autumno

andaRodney Waschka II US
Winter Concerto

andaLucian Zbarcea Romania
A Lover’s Promise


Chamber work for 12 Solo Instruments as in Enescu’s Chamber Symphony Op. 33

andaAurelian Bacan Romania
Three Sketches

andaMartin Loridan France
Les Lamentations du Phoenix

andaJonathan Östlund Sweden
A Northern Symphony

andaBjorn Bolstad Skjelbred Norway
Echoes of Time Lost (The Persistence of Memory II)

andaHugh Collins Rice Britain
A Melancholy Pavan

andaLuca Vanneschi Italy
Pagine di un poema dimenticato

andaAndrew Wilson Britain
Concerto for Twelve (‘ fort que le Destin’)

Concertante work for Solo Viola, Solo Piano and String Quintet
andaAna-Maria Avram Romania
10 Romanian Songs from Béla Bartók’s folk music collection

andaMihail Cretu Romania
Beyond the Valley

andaJonathan Ostlund Sweden
Three Poems

Concertante work for Voice, Piano and String Quintet
andaRobert Hugill Britain

andaPeter Nickol Britain
Sea, Shore and Tide

andaIrina Odagescu Romania
Continuum Y

andaUberto Pieroni Italy
Ave Maria

andaSviatlana Rynkova Belarus
La pioggia nel pineto


Concertante work for Piano Four Hands and String Quintet
andaIvan Božičević Croatia
Spring passes

andaSviatlana Rynkova Belarus
Story of a Life